NASA Blast Exhibit

Visit new frontiers with NASA BLAST (Bringing Light and SpaceTogether) at Thanksgiving Point. Meet the Andersons, just your average family learning and playing together, but with their eyes to the sky. Amateur astronomers and avid experimenters, the Andersons are bringing their backyard and fun to Thanksgiving Point to present NASA BLAST and share the science and majesty of space.

Light Exhibit

Did you know that distance in space is measured by how long it takes
light to travel there? The distance between the Earth and sun varies, so
that means that the light we have here on Earth is about 8 minutes old by
the time we see it. Learn facts like this and more in the Andersons’
backyard in the Museum of Ancient Life. Open their barbecue grills and
peek in their shed to find fascinating hands-on experiments on loan from
the world-famous eXploratorium in San Francisco. Dance with your very
own shadow in a rainbow of colors. Learn what makes the sky blue. Trap
light between panes of glass and watch what happens. You’ll have so much
fun you won’t even realize you’re learning all about the world and beyond.

Space Garden

Located at FARM COUNTRY>
Seeds that have been in space? Tiny tomatoes? The Andersons have it all
in their Space Garden at Farm Country. The Junior Master Gardeners are
planting space plants and creating lunar plant growth chambers as they
learn about the future of NASA and food in space.

Solar System Walk

Ever wondered how far away Earth is from Venus? How about which
planets are the closest together? The Andersons wondered too, and they
built this walk through the solar system in Thanksgiving Point Gardens
to show you. Learn the vast nature of the solar system and the size of and
distance between planets all in the beautiful serenity of the gardens. You’ll
walk the gardens as if you were in the solar system exploring the science
beyond planet earth.

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