Pirate Festival & Renaissance Faire

Pirate, Renaissance, Fair, Festival, Music, Entertainment, Live, Willard Bay, UtahThe Pirate Faire will feature pirate crews, each vying to commandeer the most treasure; guests can cheer for the crew they like and shop the Pirate Market, where guests can find treasures of their own. Patrons will enjoy their stay at the bay with great food, terrific entertainment and pirates!

Entertainment will be scheduled on four stages throughout the village; magicians, singers, dancers and the occasional Fool will be on hand to amuse and delight children both young and mature.

Guests are certainly welcome to attend in costume or purchase costumes on site to fully enjoy the renaissance festival experience.

To reach the Utah Pirate Festival, take exit 351 off I-15, and then turn South onto SR 126. Proceed south to 4000 North and turn west. Drive to 2000 West and turn North then follow the signs leading to the South Marina.

Proceeds from the Utah Pirate Festival will be used to benefit Pack N Pounce Pet Rescue, and Utah Parks.

The Utah Pirate Festival, Invasion of Willard Bay 2011 will set sail at the Willard Bay south Marina, September 16 and 17 from 10 AM to 9 PM.

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