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Jedi Mind Tricks

“I’m gonna share with you a vision that I had, cause I love you. And you feel it. You know all that money we spend on nuclear weapons and defense each year, trillions of dollars, correct? Instead — just play with this — if we spent that money feeding and clothing the poor of the world — and it would pay for it many times over, not one human being excluded — we can explore space together, both inner and outer, forever in peace. Thank you very much. You’ve been great, I hope you enjoyed it.”
-Bill Hicks-


Snooty and the Beast

A Twisted Fairy Tale

When the spoiled and grouchy young Beauty becomes a captive in the Beast’s castle, he’s left somewhat disoriented as he finds himself much more scared of her than she is of him. Ultimately, though the odd couple is brought together with the help of Edward Tweezerhands, the Beast’s enchanted butler.
Ticket Info: $12.95-$17.95; $10.95 seniors; $8.95 children under 12


Snooty and the Beast

Amanda Chamberlain’s HUKA B-day!

Come help celebrate Amanda Chamberlain’s Lucky Birthday Full of NINES Party! 9/19/09

No worries about being on your feet all night – this night is going to feel like a party at someone’s house where we can all sit and hang out and mingle – but with the benefit of the Huka atmosphere, bartenders and music! The Huka location makes for a good half-way point for both my Salt Lake City and Sandy friends!

The Hookah Bar is a place where you can relax and have fun the same time. For the finest drinks to the mouth watering dishes, Hookah bar has it all. The Hookah Bar is a place where you can relax and have fun the same time. For the finest drinks to the mouth watering dishes, Hookah bar has it all.

The Hookah’s smoke a Fruit Paste Tobacco called Shisha, which is simply blended fruit and small strands of tobacco, the Hookah contains no additives or toxins like cigarettes do, and it simply leaves you with a great fruit flavor in your mouth and relaxed as apposed to stinking like smoke and a bad taste to top it off. Hookah’s have been used in the middle east for centuries as a social experience, its not till just recently that we have caught on to the fun that is the hookah.

Amanda Chamberlain

Celebrate Life Concert with Paul Cardall

Paul Cardall, Musician, Pianist, Salt Lake City, Utah, Celebrate Life, Charity, FundraiserJoin award-winning pianist Paul Cardall for the perfect Valentine evening as he presents his 2nd annual Celebrate Life Concert and Silent Auction benefiting Congenital Heart Disease. Special Guest Charley Jenkins.

TICKETS NOW ONSALE for Paul Cardall’s 2nd Annual Celebrate Life Concert & Silent Auction. Reserved Seating for the Feb. 14, 2011 Event. Last year’s show SOLD OUT. Get your tickets now!

Silent Auction 6:30pm – Show 7:30pm