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Laughing Stock Improv

Laughing Stock Improv, Off Broadway Theatre, Salt Lake City, Utah, Comedy It doesn’t matter what you’ve read. This is the one and only home of Utah’s actual longest running and most successful improv comedy troupe. Others may make their claims to fame, but here are the facts. Laughing Stock plays every Friday and Saturday night at the Off Broadway Theatre in downtown Salt Lake City. And have done so for the nearly 15 years. Some of the faces have changed, but our primary goal has always remained the same… entertainment. Trying to help you forget the worries of your day with laughter. There is no place quite like OBT. And, there is no improv troupe quite like Laughing Stock.

Friday and Saturday Nights 7:30 and 10 pm

Laughing Stock Improv Comedy
Off Broadway Theatre

272 South Main Salt Lake City, UT 84101
(801) 355-4628

The Pirates of Penzance

The Off Broadway Theatre, celebrating 15 years of comedy, is pleased to announce the opening of The Pirates of Penzance, the famous light-parody and satire, by Gilbert and Sullivan on Friday July 31st. Curtain rises at 7:30 PM. Seating is reserved.

Originally written and premiered in 1879, The Pirates of Penzance is the story of a young lad, Frederic, who, on his twenty-first birthday, newly out of his pirate apprenticeship, soon finds out that though he has technically lived twenty-one years, he was born on leap year and is thus torn between his “sense of duty” to finish his indentures with the haggard lot of pirates (finishing at the age of 63) or to live a new life on the shores of Cornwall, England with the fair-maiden Mabel.

Frederic is played by new-comer, David Peterson. Mabel is played by Rivkah Steele, an Idaho resident, who also is debuting her talent at Off Broadway Theatre. Both David and Rivkah will be available for interviews; please call to schedule.


Off Broadway Theatre - Pirates